Home Buyers Process

The Buying Process

1. Pre-approved with a qualified lender

We have referrals of people that we work with on a regular

basis that we trust but we encourage you to do your own

research to find one that fits with your needs.

Home Buyers Process

2. House hunt to find the perfect home for YOU

We will begin looking at homes and we want to make sure

you are a ready buyer with your pre-approval letter in hand

ready to write an offer to make certain we are competitive

and appeal to the sellers.

Home Buyers Process

3. Writing the offer

The purchase and sale agreement can be a lengthy

document be sure to ask to see a copy before hand so

you can review in case you have questions. Each offer may

differ dependent upon the situation and we will attach

appropriate addenda to the Purchase agreement to make

sure you are protected throughout the agreement.

4. Mutual Acceptance

Once our offer is accepted you will be intgroduced to the rest

of my team that will help keep us on task with our time-lines

for inspections and appraisals that will be necessary to get

the final approval on your loan.

Home Buyers Process

5. Closing

Please keep in mind signing, closing and possession are 3

different dates in WA state. First we will "sign" the closing

documents, within 24 hours we will "close" and title will

transfer and then by 9pm that night you will get keys and

“possession”. This is another part of the transaction that is very

important and we refer to our closing team but we encourage

you to do your own research when selecting a closing team.

All of these dates and time-frames vary kin each transaction.

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