10 tips to selling your home during the holidays

Posted by Jennifer Hawkins on November 2, 2020

10 tips to selling your home during the holidays

Listing a home during the holidays can add an extra stress and we are here to guide you and help alleviate any extra questions that might come along the way.  Here are our top 10 (of many) tips and tricks for real estate success during the holiday season

  1. Lets elimninate the Clark Griswald!  We want you to stick to the roof line lights while listing your house.  Always make sure you don't have any burned out bulbs... there is nothing worse than a blank string of lights while tyring to showcase your home in the short days of Winter.  Let's leave the power surge for your new house in years to come!
  2. To Tree or Not to Tree:  Tough topic, for those of us that need to tree please keep it decorated to a minimum and continue the neutral palette (follow our staging tips under the we want to sell tab).  In our perfect world we would say NOT to tree during this time.  It tends to make a room feel smaller and more cluttered.
  3. Christmas Cards: Cards are so lovely to get in the mail and one of our favorite things... but a MUST to tuck away or have in a tin stacked, not strung on the fridge or garland. This will certainly stop buyers in their tracks to look at all of the cute faces rather than your newly refinished harwood floors.
  4. Cleaned & Staged:  Whie it might seem obvious and standard for listing at anytime of the year... something to focus on during the holidays is the extra attention to the exterior of the house. Curb appeal can lack in the Winter on anyones house... for listing its a MUST to rake those fall leaves, clean out the beds and pay attention to what is now exposed on your house (ex: gutters, trim paint, dirty windows) with those naked Winter trees.
  5. Neutral Decor: When you are picking through your holiday bins stick to more neutral pieces, like red's, greens, metalics or blues for Hanukah. Also important to keep windows clear of candles, snowflakes etc.  (read more about this in our selling tips on the I want to sell tab)
  6. Neutral Ground:  At the risk of turning away from the "Reason for the Season" when listing your home we advise sticking to the Hallmark side of the holiday and less focus on the religious side. We want to attract all buyers and don't want to offend people in all walks of life. 
  7. Holiday Music:  Here is where we should hit it hard with the "cozy" aspect of the holidays, not so much on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Try my fave station on Pandora "VIOLINS" this will give that relaxed cozy, classy feel without all Jingle Bells.
  8. Deflate the Inflatables:  We still need off the charts curb appeal and the distraction of Santa could deter from the buyer noticing the beautiful details you spent so much time enhancing this Summer!
  9. The Holiday Target Market: If someone is moving during the holiday season it is typically due to a relocation, military transfer or an investor needing to close by year end. Closing date and your home looking easy to move out of quickly will play a part in them picking you!
  10. Reliablity of your REALTOR: Make certain when interviewing your REALTOR they won't vanish during the Holiday breaks... this is when hiring a team will come in handy. We make certain our travel schedules don't overlap during the busy holiday time off. We require AT LEAST one of us to be local at all times to assist in showings and to answer questions.

Be sure to read up on our bios and local selling strategies to see if we are a good fit!  We would love to be a part of your real estate journey.... so click on the contact page and lets set up coffee, tea or maybe something a bit stronger at one of our local businesses to get you on your way to success.


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