A Solid Foundation is Essential to All Good Things...  Especially your HOME!  

Posted by Key2See Team on January 25, 2021

A Solid Foundation is Essential to All Good Things...  Especially your HOME!   

I am reading a book called “The Obstacle is the Way” the entire premise of the book reminds me of the Russell Wilson mentality (GO Hawks)...  How do you win the Superbowl? by winning one game at a time. It’s each step in a journey that gets you to the destination. I talk a lot about the fact that someday I will look back on this adventure and will miss it and want to do it again… (I have now solidified with several of my life coaches to please remind me THE ANSWER IS NO).  So, I will enjoy this time in the trenches…. This time IN the journey…

As a parent, every day we experience “lasts” with our kids, they say you won’t know the last time you pick up your child to carry them to bed until that moment is gone… you won’t know the last time you breastfeed your baby until that time is done so I come to you this episode to talk about the present.  Our FOUNDATION. 

The foundation of a home is often overlooked especially with (stereotype warning) women.  “I don’t care about the foundation I want to pick cabinets…. I don’t understand backfilling I want marble countertops”.  But what I am realizing as I try to enjoy the “present” is that the FOUNDATION is the base of the home.  I should be appreciating what goes in to this very base of my future home that will be the location of my family memories.


I took the kids up to do a walk through and it was amazing the feelings we all got wandering through the foundation, this was the first time after 2 years of dreaming and “visualizing” that we were able to see what our views would be out certain windows and how the sun would shine in each of our bedrooms.  We also got to appreciate the spaces as they will be for, future board games, birthday parties, prom pick-ups, graduations (ok officially crying) point being what a wonderful phase we are in watching the foundation go in and for the first time seeing all of our visions and placements come to life. 

How’s RV life you ask?


In all honesty we have not fully moved in to the rig, but... we do have it parked in Packwood allowing us to spend 3-4 nights a week in it absorbing quality time in our great PNW outdoor playground, the Cascade Mountains.  My family grew up with a little cabin in Packwood so re-living these experiences with my kids is heart-warming in an otherwise uncertain and unnerving time.  We have adjusted to systems in an even tinier environment that I hope sticks with my kids as organization skills through-out their lives.

It’s not all butterflies and unicorns however, the questions coming from our now 6th grade daughter Olivia as to when she will not have to share her bedroom with now 8-year-old brother Dane are on the daily.  Along with Dane’s drawing & gaming is officially requiring a room in itself.  Not to mention Zach and my longing desire for space. Space to do pretty much anything… our kids now both understand every single conversation we are having they are also catching on to our need to lock the door to “fold laundry”

Brings me back full circle to the foundation, the foundation of our family ties are solid and we have these crazy 2 years to thank for that, but boy oh boy will we enjoy our new spaces when they finally present themselves.  I love the view out my future bedroom window, I also love the view out the window from my future kitchen sink.  Olivia melted when she saw the space that will be her very own bathroom and Dane didn’t stop jumping when we walked through the future bonus room and I reminded him this will have a 2nd TV in it. 

What’s Next?

Foundation has been signed off and waterproofed, power is in it’s time to go vertical baby!  Lumber will be delivered this week and by middle of February we should have a framed in house!  This is when a true schedule and accountability is key!  These next phases will be multiple contractors on site at a time all coordinating and working together.

Simultaneous Next Steps:

1.  Electrical Rough-in

2.  Plumbing Rough-in

3.  Fire Suppression System

4.  Roofing

5.  Windows

6.  HVAC

Shout Out:

Gunn with C&C Concrete is incredible with spaces.  He worked tirelessly with Zach to get the foundation set in just the right way so our dream of no steps in the house could still come true. As you know the topography in Washington state is never “flat” so his vision and partnership with Lance (our dirt-works guy) has made the details a priority and for that I am thankful.  After-all when all is said and done and we are in and settled I will be living with each of these detailed decisions and I have them to be thankful for a solid foundation for our family and the many, many memories to come.

Welcome to our story! Stay tuned for more to come as we start to see the beginnings of an actual HOUSE! It is our hope to keep you intrigued and also answer questions you might have through-out this process… or maybe just maybe make you feel not so crazy as you go through this process yourself. feel free to ask us anything!