We are home, now it is time to enjoy it, love it and tarnish it with memories!

Posted by Key2See Team on March 11, 2022

We are home, now it is time to enjoy it, love it and tarnish it with memories!

We are now exploring new nooks as a family unit in our dreamed vision that is now a reality. Living in 650 square feet together for 3 years has brought some fun chuckles as we travel in a cluster around this new environment, forgetting how to live independently.  

Dane (9) has somehow invited himself to co-habitat in our bedroom and yet Liv (12) we haven’t seen surface from her bedroom in days.  We are home.

Unpacking our 3 year old pods was a fun adventure…. Mainly because well, the kids are 3 years older now and have zero interest in ANY of the toys we stored away.  When we temporarily said goodbye to those toys we had convinced them it was only for a year (ooops).

After our previous move we did learn to sell ALL of our furniture with the sale of our house and so for that I am thankful as none of my farmhouse vibes would fit in to this Scandinavian Modern.  The kids toys however next time… ( oh dear God I cannot believe I just said next time, delete delete delete )


What We Have Learned:

Landscape is always the last thing to be done and often that is when you are exhausted from the process, have exceeded your budgets and the yard tends to be put on the back burner and done “later.”  To all of you entering this process or are knee deep in it now, stay true to your budgeted line item for landscape it is so worth it to have your masterpiece draped in an organized exterior. After all if your home is the heart, the landscape is the bones supporting it. 

As mentioned in episode 14 the outside is taking great shape. Living in the NW and trying to landscaping in February and March is a challenge, so we are embracing yet one more level of patience as it grows in to itself, yet extremely anxious for its bloom later this month. 

What’s Next?

WE WENT SOLAR!  Not enough sun in Washington you say….. fake news. We studied and researched this option and it is a total win. While there is an actual hurdle in WA it is not sun exposure it is the tree canopy.  Just as you can get a sunburn through the clouds you can also get solar energy! If you live in a wide open space or neighborhood, please contact us we would love to set you up with the company that got us where we wanted to be to create and sustain our own energy.


As of this month our solar panels are now generating POWER through Peninsula Light. Ask me in a few months what that has done to our power bil…. We can’t wait to find out!


Shout Out:

The outside of your home is the first impression and sets the tone for enjoying why we actually live here in the PNW. We are plunked smack dab in the middle of a gorgeous green backdrop. I am thankful for a landscape team with vision. 

Working with a local landscape architect was so helpful in finding plants that are both native and that will bloom in different times of the year to avoid a completely dormant yard while our climate is covered in the otherwise blanket of Washington grey. 

Thank you to Both Natalie Middleton who designed a yard native to our environment and cohesive with the modern vibes and Bryce with Pacific Landscape for making all of the visions come true.

As I sign off from this story…. I must say, Zach you worked hard! You are officially released from your hardest client yet and back to the handy hubs that I love so much.  Thank you for putting up with my crazy you did it, it’s a stunner.

Thank YOU for following along!  We are home, now it is time to enjoy it, love it and tarnish it with memories.

With love,


Day 1,134 Peace OUT