Framing is allowing the maze in my head to unfold into a HOME!

Posted by Key2See Team on March 8, 2021

Framing is allowing the maze in my head to unfold into a HOME!

Episode #9:  We are officially vertical

(820 days after we sold our last home)

I finally walked in through a front door (hole not actual door just yet) into my family room, kitchen, kid's rooms, MY OWN CLOSET and the emotions exploded. Never have I been so emotional to walk through the maze of a framed house, typically I would be focusing on the next step in the process… however this time remembering my new path of enjoying and embracing each phase of this build I visited the framing team at different phases and man was I impressed.

I learned so much each visit… watching and admiring such a specific skill set! Working my way through the strategic puzzle pieces of adjoining rooms, precise cuts that have been in my head for so long. I have a loving appreciation for each of those window placements, finally being able to see the sun exposure beaming in all the right places (so important to us Wa’tonians & one of the first things I point out to people newly moving to the area). Did you know that interior walls are built laying on the ground measured perfectly and then hoisted up by gravity jacks or placed by a crane? Something I had never really thought about before now and will surely admire when I soon walk those halls!   

What if all this extended time was to bring us a renewed appreciation for a home, for space, for a CLOSET!

framing interior walls

Updates on tiny living & RV life?

The escape to the mountains each weekend has saved us for sure, expecting my littles to “embrace each phase” however is laughable at best…. It’s even more of a carrot dangling in front of them now.  Liv is picking out tile for her very own bathroom and then each night shares a queen bed with her bed hog 8-year-old brother.  Dane is tiring of being kicked out of his own bedroom so his 11-year-old sister can facetime her friends while seeing the walls go up on a bonus room that has a door directly to the back yard (what 8 year old boys dreams are made of).  So not much to report this time other than keeping the smiles on our kid's faces is a daily task and being into a year of lockdown isn’t helping for sure. 

What’s Next?

WINDOWS & ROOF!  Referred to as DRIED IN!  Major milestone in a home build (especially in our damp climate)

June 17th, we met with our friend Keith at Pella windows, it was one of our first dates that actually felt like we might really build a house (we received our permit on May 14th).  Keith had helped us with our last house with much explanation about the importance of window placement both for light but also the exterior esthetic of a home (which I had forgotten about while designing my last house) he helped us make some enhancements that I will be forever grateful for like a sliding pocket door & hand cranks rather than double hung…. (How am I doing on my window slang Dash?)

I am fortunate that Zach is our installer on both of these so “pretty sure” we will stay on schedule (kiss-kiss Zachy)

Shout Out:

If you’re building your own home… I would love to share this framing referral! Dan & Parker run a tight ship, the communication is incredible, the detail is superb and their timely scheduling is off the chart! Oh, and we are in BUDGET!  (for framing that is)

Welcome to our story! Stay tuned for more to come as we patiently wait for our permit!  It is our hope to keep you intrigued and also answer questions you might have throughout this process… or maybe just maybe make you feel not so crazy as you go through this process yourself.  Feel free to ask us anything!