We Have Finally Broken Ground & Still Surviving Tiny Living!

Posted by Key2See Team on October 22, 2020

We Have Finally Broken Ground & Still Surviving Tiny Living!

Cheers! Its October and we have officially BROKEN GROUND! 


Over the last month I have been watching (Zach is laughing when I say watching because I don’t watch, I intrude) this whole process of excavation, running power lines, connecting to the well and you forget just how

  1. important this part is and
  2. just how intricate excavation is.

Lance with Ulsh exaction here in Gig Harbor and his crew worked with Zach to outline and tweak exactly where the house was going to sit based on our site plan we had put in place, to capitalize on topography but also individual trees… how the back door will line up with the firepit etc., etc.  Watching them on these giant machines digging in the dirt makes you REALLY appreciate the true detail that goes in to building your dream home.  Dane obviously wants to be on site each and every day to watch the excavation and Liv could care less.  Liv is however, anxious to see how the foundation is placed and how the framing connects to the concrete.  (developing them early to go in to the family biz 😊)

Breaking Ground

Project Scheduling:

Here is the really tricky part… getting your project schedule drafted to fit timelines and get on the schedules of the subs you want to do the work.  πŸ˜‰ Being a REALTOR and living a life of timelines I took the liberty of creating a project schedule and "submitted" it to Zach. I then visibly watched his blood pressure climb all the way to the vein above his eye.  This part of the process has “elevated” some conversations between Zach and I forcing me to stand down in order to still get laid.

We now have our tentative schedule in place and a hole dug on the property for the foundation to be placed (thanks Jeff Elseth for the clarification on appropriate terminology, apparently I was speaking “girl” saying digging dirt and pouring concrete instead of “excavating” and “placing”).  So far so good with field changes and the weather has held out making for easy “excavating” πŸ˜‰

Scheduling is essential, these subs today are struggling to keep up with the building boom and most are excellent at what they do but lack in the scheduling department and in order to keep your job moving smoothly extra communication is a must!  I am happy to share our project schedule should you be looking for some input… as mentioned above we (Zach) has put together a beautiful visual for our family (me) to follow along, detailing each step along the way, so that He too can still get laid 😊




HOW’s Tiny Living you ask?

Well funny you should mention that…. We are going one step further into the insanity and sending it for real; WE ARE MOVING IN TO A FIFTH WHEEL on our property hahahahahahahahahah.  I know wtf!  Here was our thinking… we already are accustomed to tiny living so why not be onsite to watch the progress and have the capabilities to take some adventures along the way!  Oh and the fifth wheel actually has MORE bathrooms than Animal House and a KING bed.  I fully acknowledge you have each written me off into the insane column but hey at least I’ll have more funny stories to tell!



Property has been excavated and foundation begins this week.  Next month I will share some funny fifth wheel experiences along with photos of a framed house!  Framing is by far my favorite (ok moving day is…) this is when you can actually go in and walk around, feel the space, look out the windows visualize the scene outside oh and mentally start buying furniture!

Shout out to: 

ULSH Excavation  here in Gig Harbor.  The art of excavation is no longer lost on me… the precision it takes to carve out the earth like that is incredible to watch.  If you need any earth moved please please consider chatting with Lance he knows trees, dirt and all things in between.

Welcome to our story! Stay tuned for more to come as we start to see the beginnings of an actual HOUSE! It is our hope to keep you intrigued and also answer questions you might have through-out this process… or maybe just maybe make you feel not so crazy as you go through this process yourself. feel free to ask us anything!