The Magic of Birthdays!

Posted by Key2See Team on August 18, 2020

The Magic of Birthdays!

Episode # 6:  The magic of Birthday Wishes!

It happened!  It really, really happened!  1 year 4 months (5/14/2020, my birthday) we received a land development PERMIT!  And then 3 months later (8/18/2020 Olivia’s birthday) We have officially officially received our BUILDING PERMIT!  We were getting to the point where it felt like we might never be able to build our house.  But we did it!  We are officially moving forward.  Just when you think blowing out those candles is for the birds…

Happy Birthday to US!

However, with the temperature of our world today it got me thinking…

The permitting process is like equal opportunity…. When you walk in to the county as a large builder you get what you need and you get it promptly.  When you walk in to the county as a single one-off home owner the round and round system feels like an unmanned merry go round.

 How is it fair that 500 houses can be built on 10 acres in 12 months yet I can’t even get a drainage plan approved for my 1 home on 3 acres in 12 months?  Don’t get me wrong I understand business, big builders have the process down to a science and the county wants due process so that we don’t over build and destroy our preserved land…. But how is that not hypocritical when looking at the overgrowth just up the road.  Did I just experience being on the wrong side of a broken system? I don’t have the answers... but I am here to pose the questions… why them not me?  Who decides?  What can I do for my chance?

I am a strong supporter of education… education on all aspects of life; social skills, positive teachers, attentive parenting, mentors.  I am also a sharer of information we have built our company with the sharing of information.  If the county would educate us as the home owners, we would likely have a much more pleasing system to adhere to for appropriate growth.

We did find our way and we are getting our chance…  whether it was through a couple of birthday wishes or not.  So, I am back at, using this as a helpful avenue for getting others to their dream home whether that be building, remodeling, or taking the plunge from condo life to a spanning yard due to COVID.  I have been dealt a good hand of housing education and so I pass on my knowledge of building and real estate here, for those looking for the similar opportunity.  Consider it my birthday gift to you!

Construction Lending!

Another part of the education that many do not know about are the ins and outs of land lending… We are now in the final stages of our construction loan.  We are entering in to what is called a 30-year all in one construction loan.  Not very many companies offer this and let me tell you a lot less offer it now after COVID.  Finding a company that offers this is a lot harder on the front side but will save you, both financially and sanely on the back side. 

What this does is eliminate a second round of applications, fees and approvals once your house construction is completed.  When we built our last house, we did NOT implement this… we ended up having to go through the approval process again before being able to move in to our newly completed home!  The stress, fees and hoops are strenuous.  Not to mention with rates where they are today, this all in one allows us to lock in to our rate TODAY which rolls in to our 30 Year Loan after construction is completed.  I am here to answer questions about our process and lead you in the right direction with professionals that can assist in your success.

HOW’s Tiny Living you ask?

What can I say about living in a tiny house during a global stay at home pandemic...  I can say that it makes me dream about this future home 3 times more than I would normally.  But as I have mentioned in prior posts… these are days I am certain we will look back on fondly when our kids are grown.  1 bathroom between 4 people in 2020 is laughable… but what is not, is that we are getting it done. While it may be stinky at times, crowded always I know what my kids are up to and I hope they see just how lucky they are when we move into a house where the primary bedroom and en-suite are the size of our entire current living space.


I plan to post again in September with a proper photo of a foundation and signs of framing beginning… until then enjoy your extra bathrooms and think of us when you are getting ready for your next zoom call and imagine all 4 of your family members in that same room with you…. That is likely our current state.

Shout out to: 

Heidi Green with Washington Federal.  The all-in-one program they offer is hands down superior and Heidi is on it with her communication and organization.

Welcome to our story! Stay tuned for more to come as we begin to actually move around some dirt! It is our hope to keep you intrigued and also answer questions you might have through-out this process… or maybe just maybe make you feel not so crazy as you go through this process yourself. feel free to ask us anything!