Scandinavian Modern... It's In My Blood!

Posted by Key2See Team on January 13, 2022

Scandinavian Modern... It's In My Blood!

Hallelujah! We are closing in on the completion of our East Bay build! The blank slate of our modern home that has been completed in my head for 4 years is now being displayed on its canvas.  When I left you last we were approaching and have now completed:

kitchen cabinets

  1. Cabinets
  2. Counters
  3. Trim
  4. Electrical finish
  5. Plumbing finish
  6. Septic Install
  7. Solar Panel Install

We have proudly toured our families through the nearly finished project and not once not twice, I have heard “Jenn, this really reminds me of Grandma Olivia’s house” suddenly it all started to make sense…..

We have just built the 2022 version of my Grandmas Scandinavian Modern house! 

Olivia Botten & Jack Hawkins both of Scandinavian decent came to America in the 20’s, Olivia from Norway & Jack from Sweden later getting married and building their first home in Fircrest, WA the year of 1950 and the explosion of Scandinavian Design & the American mid-century mod.

One of the first items I said I had to have, 4 years ago was a french door oven, with an eye roll, Zach said “where do you come up with this stuff?”  “My Grandma Olivia had one in her mid-century modern home in Fircrest” I retorted. Coincidentally this was the beginning of my subconscious recreation of Maywood Lane.

While the French door oven may not scream Scandinavian design, our bold call of the exposed frame, no trim flat panel hemlock doors surely will and that is what set it off for my sister… she said Jenn these are grandma’s doors. 

The continued similarities we have found are a fun treat to bring our Scandinavian heritage and fond mems of our grandparents in to our new home.  With the anticipation of unpacking my storage pods after three years my mind went to the immediate placement of my grandma Olivia’s 3 white Afghan blankets that seemed a perfect fit and almost as if she had made them with this house in mind.

What We Have Learned:

The very meaning of Scandinavian design is lead by a focus of clean, minimalism, and functionality. The simple lines combined with a mixture of metals and wood engage a window to our Nordic ancestry.  The main draw is the aesthetically pleasing lack of clutter.  We thank our 3 years in the tiny home (lack of space) for our continued embrace of this design. Replacing our need for stuff with a need for everything to have a place & a purpose (refer to blog episode #2)

I’ve spoken of family values in previous episodes and I am drawn once again to the lessons we learn from our families.  Home ownership starts with a dream, ours started by purchasing my Grandma Anne’s home on Crescent Valley in 2007 of which we remodeled, brought home our first child and then sold as we were soon to outgrow with the addition of Dane. 

As we near the end of our 4th project I can’t help but appreciate lessons from both grandmas even after they have gone, lessons in home ownership, craftsmanship and design, I guess it’s true… it’s just in my blood. 

What’s Next?

The landscape is taking shape including metal planter boxes ( pictured above ) surrounding the perimeter designed by Pacific Landscape and a plant list I can't wait to share selected by Natalie Middleton (local landscape architect). The solar panels are installed, the deck is on!  The house is livable folks and we can’t wait to do just that!  The rest can come in time…. Afterall that is the beauty of a DIY build it just takes more time to get what you want.

Shout Out:

Tru Colors Painting – Travis is the man! A contractor that actually shows up on time and came in at estimated amount. Painted the interior AND exterior Benjamin Moore – “Alabaster” a wonderful creamy white combined with wood & black metal accents.

I promise not to stay away so long this time and to post more pictures as they come…

Thanks for following along… we may have taken the long way home but we are almost there!

(Day 1,104)

Welcome to our story! Stay tuned for more to come as we finish up the details and start the landscape!  It is our hope to keep you intrigued and also answer questions you might have throughout this process… or maybe just maybe make you feel not so crazy as you go through this process yourself.  Feel free to ask us anything!